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ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman Phil Labonte Tries To Call Us Out On Twitter, Calls Out Another Website Instead

We haven't called out All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte on anything dumb that he's said in quite a while. We've been too busy calling other idiots out. But it looks as though poor Phil's feelings were hurt and he holds some sort of grudge. It seems like he had nothing to do this morning so I guess he decided to start talking shit; problem is, he started talking shit to a completely different website.

It all started when our friends at Metal Insider posted about a listening party for Devildriver and Phil started shit with them thinking they were us. I guess I can see how he made that mistake since both our sites have the initials "M" and "I" but uh…

Anyway, here is the entire Twitter back-and-forth from the beginning to the end, without interruption and then some final thoughts at the end.

At this point, I had actual work to do so I checked out of the conversation, while Phil kept ranting at some more fans. So let me address some lingering topics:

Phil, it's an honor that you consider us a rip off of our friends at MetalSucks, who we think do great work, much like the music world considers your band a poor man's Killswitch Engage. As for being hypocrites because we ran ads for your last album on our site, your label felt our audience would like to know about your album release. And, as one fan pointed out, us writing about you actually got you some fans.

Also, I want to thank you for giving me a great story to write today and putting more ad dollars in my pocket on this admittedly slow news day!

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