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Doom Metal Masters COFFINWORM Complete New Album And Offer New Track

New Coffinworm song and new album! Yes!

New Coffinworm song and new album! Yes!

Profound Lore has announced that Coffinworm, brutal doom metal behemoths from Indianapolis, have completed work on their second album: IV.I.VIII.

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In case you haven't heard of the band, they put out a ferocious record called When all Became None back in 2010 (available on Spotify along with their demo, Great Bringer of Night) getting rave reviews and starting a well-earned buzz through the underground. Though I gravitate to almost anything with an awesome riff, its nice to hear a doom band that isn't trying to bring back the 1970's (aka "Vest Metal").

The band paints an atmosphere so vivid that even when they play fast and scream their guts out, the music still has a doom-feel to it. More than anything though, the band's music feels so alive with darkness and anger, that it's refreshing just to know they exist.

Here is the track listing for IV.I.VIII, scheduled for release on March 18th:

1. Sympathectomy
2. Instant Death Syndrome
3. Black Tears
4. Lust vs. Vengeance
5. Of Eating Disorders And Restraining Orders
6. A Death Sentence Called Life
A song called "Sympathectomy"…man I wish I'd made that up.

Can't wait until March? You can stream "Lust vs. Vengeance" below right now! Be careful though, your soul might feel a little crushed by how incredibly hateful and heavy Coffinworm made this one.

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