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Don't Worry, COAL CHAMBER Is Writing New Material

Well, I can't say I'm surprised. After a reunion earlier this year at Soundwave Festival, and then talk of booking a hometown show in Los Angeles, as well as Devildriver's impending break from the road, it makes perfect sense that Dez's other band, Coal Chamber has decided to work on new material.

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Dez Fafara was recently interviewed on the WGRD 97.9 FM radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was asked about Coal Chamber's status and this is what he said:

"What we did is [the members of the original Coal Chamber band] started talking over the last six years — they were coming around to Devildriver shows and such; I mean, they actually hang out with the Devildriver guys in L.A. more than I do, 'cause I live outside of L.A., about two hours. We did that Australian run [as part of the Soundwave Festival in February/March 2012] and it went just spectacular. After that, we went down and we did South America for nine days [in September], and that went killer. So now we're starting to kick around, like, 'OK, do we wanna hit the States? Do we wanna do something?'

"Coal Chamber, for me right now, is like a really fine woman, man. I've gotta re-date her — she's back in my life, I've gotta see how she is, and we've gotta take our time with each other. And that's what we're doing. And I think that's the important thing — we're doing it for the love of the music as well. There's a lot of people that never got to either see Coal Chamber live or haven't seen us in a long time due to the breakup.

"It's good to see [the other guys in the band] off hard drugs, man, and you can see their guys are crystal clear, and it makes me wanna do music with them again.

"Right now, with Coal Chamber, that's what we're doing — we're taking it slow. About a week ago, they sent me some new tunes and said, 'Hey, would you ever think about doing a new record? Here's some new tunes.' And they were absolutely killer. They were moving forward with their sound, but yet you could tell it was Coal Chamber, but it wasn't so linear. So who knows what's gonna happen in the future, man? We're just playing it by ear at this point. I've got a lot going on right now, so we just have to really see."

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New Coal Chamber material? It's happening folks, don't try to stop it! Everything nu is new again. How do you feel about this?

UPDATE: Dez Fafara tweeted at us moments after we went live with this post to clarify what was said:

LOL, did I say we were working on new material, or that they sent me tunes and we will see how it goes because I have a lot going on? Have a nice day

Well, first off Dez, hope you're having a nice day as well and thanks for clarifying. So, there might not be new Coal Chamber after all, it's all on Dez.

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