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DOC COYLE Is Stoked That GOD FORBID's Reunion Shows Have Been So Well-Received

"It's a real blessing. I just love to spend time with the guys."

God Forbid BRRF

God Forbid originally reunited for the first time since 2013 at the 2022 iteration of Blue Ridge Rock Festival. The band has since played intermittent shows, all of which are clearly going over well.

In an interview with Loaded Radio, God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle said the band has had some casual conversations about writing their first new material since 2012's Equilibrium. As for the shows themselves, Coyle is just thrilled that God Forbid's material has held up so well and that everyone is into seeing the band playing once again.

"Um, nothing officially. We've essentially been taking things one event at a time. 'Cause for some of the guys, it's just — they have kids, they have jobs. It's not the easiest thing for them to really invest a lot of time into this. So I don't wanna presume that people can do that. I'd love to do it. But if we're gonna do it, everyone has to kind of be on the same page about taking on that responsibility, 'cause it is. If you sign a record deal, there are expectations, there are responsibilities with that.

"And, obviously, if we did something, you want it to be great. You don't want it to be just okay. You want it to really be something we commit to and take seriously. But there is interest on the table. So it's something if we were really ready for, there's great opportunities out there. And I think there's actually kind of a relevant desire and demand for the band right now, which is, for me, just very pleasantly surprising. I was really not expecting that."

He continued: "It's just cool, 'cause I feel like for a very long time, we felt underappreciated, and it's cool that people seem like they're really into the band. It's, like you create this material and you see if it has any legs, you see if it stands the test of time. And I feel like our stuff has aged pretty well. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to kind of do the things we're doing right now. So it's a real blessing. I just love to spend time with the guys. I love the guys, and just on a pure friendship level, it's a real wonderful thing."

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