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DISMEMBER Working On Returning To Streaming Services, Loosely Discussing New Music

"We have been talking very loosely about it."


Dismember's 1991 lineup that recorded Like An Everflowing Stream reunited in January 2019, and even played a show later that same year. The band had big plans for more in 2020, but of course the pandemic screwed that all up.

So aside from playing shows, what else is Dismember up to? According to drummer Fred Estby in an interview with Metal Bite, the band is loosely discussing new music without it being a priority.

"We don't know yet," said Estby. "We have been talking very loosely about it, but we got together to play shows and to have fun. We haven't got much further than that. We have a setback for over a year now and we haven't really decided. We'll see what happens."

Later in the interview, Estby revealed the band is really working on getting "Dismember music back on digital platforms and physical formats like CDs and vinyl and all that." Dismember is currently nowhere to be found on streaming, and physical copies ain't cheap.

Dismember is one of the many bands that are currently confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 2022.

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