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Devin Townsend's next album will sound like NICKELBACK?

devin-nickelbackWhile doing press for his amazing new solo release, Ki, Devin Townsead was asked by Metal Hammer magazine what fans can expect from the next album in this four-album concept piece and the king of the skullet did not hold back:

“I’m from Vancouver and Nickelback are from Vancouver and he (Chad Kroeger) came up to the studio. I just look at Nickelback and I think “how are 40 million people buying this? What does it say about Canada? What does it say about all of this shit!?”

“I had a real think about this and I thought that I would go out and buy the record. Maybe it’s some sort of high-art that I’m not getting. So I got it and it sounds phenomenal! Mutt Lange did it and Randy Staub did it, it sounds incredible, but every song is about his penis!”

“Sex sells and I understand that but I started getting a real dark energy off of the record. It’s like “we’re making money and this is how you make money”, so this next record, I want to make it sound like the Nickelback record and I want to have chorus’s like the Nickelback record, but I want the lyrics to be about infinity and quantum mechanics.”

“The whole point of this is to say “sure, that sells but is it the aesthetics that sell or is it you singing about your penis because if it’s you singing about your penis, then I’m going to know right away”. If it’s about the penis then I’m not going to sell shit, but if it’s about the sound then maybe I’ll sell tons of it!”

Well, you can't really argue with his logic there. You know, I've always wondered what "How You Remind Me?" would've sounded if it was about quantum mechanics. Maybe now we can finally find out!

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