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DEVIN TOWNSEND Will Hit The Studio This Spring To Record Z2

Devin Townsend said he began work on the followup to Ziltoid the Omniscient June of 2013, which means after a little under a year come this May we'll finally hear how the mighty alien will return to our ears!

Townsend took to Twitter in the wee hours of December 30 to post a long series of tweets about his current doings. While the rant did include his revealing that Z2 (as it's tentatively titled) will begin being recorded in May, he also revealed some other information about his Casualties of Cool project and how he feels about pumping out an insane amount of material in the coming year. At the very least it's interesting to hear where he's coming from on all the different projects he has going right now, and I almost feel bad for the guy in a way. It seems like his brain moves a million times faster than he can keep up… which I guess really isn't a terrible problem to have! Check out the ramblings:

“So since Epicloud, there’s been lots of activity, tours and projects, Retinal, Casualties etc really a lot to digest for myself and audience I went so hard with dTP that in a way, I began to just put in the time to promote myself. In a sense, you become a parody of yourself So I took some time to finish casualties and get my shit straight. Lots of band discussion, new jamspot, gear, everything overhauled…

And I began writing for z2 about 6 months ago. Between all the ideas, there’s close to 70 songs. Some are really good, but none are ‘it’ How do you not repeat yourself? How do you avoid being a caricature? How do I incorporate Ziltoid with what we’ve done and not just be silly

So life changes start again, acceptance of age has to happen, goals need to be set, discipline and routine. It’s bound to repeat unless… Unless you can instigate REAL change, not just fad stuff, but real change. The scary stuff. Where does it lie? Hmm… I’m proud to say that the ideas that are coming now are beginning to take the shape. The theme. It’s so exciting. We start recording in May

Dunno why I chose to vent like this, but I’m done now. Some great strides taken by band, label, management and us all. It’s going to be rad. Goodnight, and thanks again for allowing us to do this! It’s going to be so much fun guys, just wait! : )) Casualties Of Cool gets released in May by the way… It’s a bridge to the Z2 phase, really important one to me.”

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