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DEVIN TOWNSEND Is Editing His Autobiography

Editing, as in we have no idea when we'll see it.

Editing, as in we have no idea when we'll see it.

If there's one man whose life and creative process I'd absolutely love to know about, it's Devin Townsend. The guy has pumped out solid record after solid record under quite a few band names for quite some time now and shows no signs of even thinking about slowing down. To put it bluntly, the dude is a genius and one of the best musical minds music has ever seen. So won't it be interesting to read his autobiography?! According to his Twitter:

Well, it doesn't sound fun but I'm sure the final product will be great! MetalSucks dug up an old post about Townsend describing his then hypothetical autobiography, which read:

"With this book I really want to discuss music, my creative process, the connection between my personal development and how my career and music has been lived, and I want to do it frankly and in detail. I want to offer up my experiences – positive and negative – so that it might help other people to follow their muse and get to do what they dream about. I want to contrast what people assume this life and work is based on, with the reality. It’s so easy to get lost in addiction, accolades and criticisms instead of creating music, but essentially that is the healthiest thing in the world: going where the music takes you is so important. This book is part manual and part diary. It’s a travelogue, a songbook, a celebration, elucidation and condemnation; it’s my story, told by me, for you."

Too bad we have no idea when it'll be out! Then again, neither does Townsend probably.

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