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DETHKLOK Mastermind Brendon Small Says Metalocalypse Is Not Done "There Is Still More To Come"!

Recently, the Metalocalypse rock opera special, The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera, aired. Fans assumed this to be the end of the series, but don't fret. Creator and driving musical force Brendon Small said it most certainly is not. Whew!

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Small told in a recent interview regarding the reaction:

"It is funny because I have a Twitter account and I was just laughing watching people say how sad that this was going to be the last episode. I was sitting there thinking that maybe they knew something that I didn’t [laughs]. This is not the last episode of the show. It does have the word “requiem” in it, which is like the end of something. It is very much the end of a few characters since there are a few important deaths in this special. It is 'The Doomstar Requiem', which is a big part of where the story continues from this point and I needed to introduce that. Basically this whole one hour special was to address how we ended things with season four and this was the solution. The whole story was to take these narcissistic assholes and have them care about each other and that was the whole show from the very beginning. You watch from the first episode, they claim to not care about anything and slowly started to in season three and four. They are constantly fighting themselves. It’s their head vs. their heart, the whole time. So it is funny that people made up that scenario online. I am lucky always if I get another season and as that is not always up to me. All I can do is back the project that I have sold and in this case it was 'The Doomstar Requiem' and of course I have more story to tell but I couldn’t fit it all in there. But there is still more to come! So if you want to support Dethklok and want more in the future, be sure to purchase the album on iTunes and spread the word!"

Metalocalypse is way too good of a show to cancel and it appears as though the show is doing pretty well in terms of viewership (courtesy of Google). Plus, it helps that the helps have been widely recognized as well and pretty damn good musically, according to Wikipedia and all their various sources. What I'm getting at here is monetarily and popularity-wise, based on my brief search, the show should be good for renewal. Small seems like he wants to keep doing it took, so my guess is we'll see some new Metalocalypse in 2014!

As for the soundtrack, it's still streaming and quite good if you haven't heard it yet.

Update: Seeing as though I am trying to be more factual today, I updated the headline to be more accurate, after Brendon himself questioned the post:

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