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DEFTONES Plan To Release Last Recording With CHI CHENG

Deftones 2008 album Eros was recorded with Chi as the last thing he'd ever done and was supposed to be shelved until he got better. Now it might just see the light of day!

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I guess it's a pretty shitty way for a record to see the light of day, but that's the way it is right now. When asked about it at the Golden Gods Awards Show with Artisan News, singer Chino Moreno said-

It will, I think more so now probably than ever. I actually went back and listened to some of it recently and… you know, I don’t know, when or, you know… but I feel it’s a little more appropriate now for us to think about that as to, you know, in the last few years to think about.

I remember reading a while back that Eros is supposed to be this super heavy album, which would be really interesting to hear couple with the fact that it's Chi's last creative contribution to the band. What better way to send him off than let his final creation be heard, right?

Chi passed away a few months ago after a long battle dealing with the after effects of a car accident.

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