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Black Metal Quartet VALDRIN Rides the "Funeral Tides of Orcus"

In Roman mythology, Orcus was the god of the underworld. The Romans often combined his name with that of Hades or Dis Pater. Orcus was seen as the punisher or tormentor of Hell's inhabitants. His namesake ultimately survived to influence mythology of a different kind. It found its way into Tolkien's work, influencing the Orc race as well as other folk tales and fantasies. For Ohio's Valdrin, it's partly the inspiration for their new track, "Funeral Tides of Orcus."

The black metal faction is releasing their second full-length album this September called Two Carrion Talismans and the album's fourth track is certainly one of its brightest moments. Across almost five minutes of fury, the quartet builds around a swirling arrangement of guitar licks early on then evolves into melodic riffing and blackened howls. The track, as a whole, serves as a wonderful marker for a remarkable death metal album in a year already loaded with great releases.

Stream "Funeral Tides of Orcus" below and keep your ears peeled for the full release of Two Carrion Talismans on September 14. Pre-order a copy from Blood Harvest now.

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With time comes experience and growth, and Valdrin has certainly taken advantage of time passed, lessons learned and exhibited growth on Two Carrion Talismans.