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Dave Mustaine Thinks More Bands Should Be in the Big 4; Dave Mustaine Disagrees

Oh, Dave Mustaine! Thank you for keeping me constantly entertained. Between blowing me off at the Golden Gods and hanging out with some buxom babes, Mustaine recently spoke to Chris Harris about contributing a new song to the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 release. Harris recently published some excerpts he edited out of the original piece due to lack of relevance to the game talk. There was a great gem of a quote in there:

About Testament being included in the Big Four concerts, possible as an opener:
“I think its totally fair to include them and Exodus and Overkill and a couple of other bands that came from that era. Hirax…that dude had the most perfect afro in metal ever. And who else? And then there was a whole bunch of metal bands that belong there. Well, there are a few that don’t. Some of those fags, they just don’t belong there. I shouldn’t say that, that’s a terrible word. But all those bands with the makeup and all that..that ain’t metal. That’s just not metal. You think about the Big Four and well, there’s only the four of us, and there’s a reason there’s only four.”

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Translation: It's fair to include them, so it's not just four, but there should be only four. Thanks for the insight Dave.

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