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Dave Grohl To Challenge Animal To A Drum-Off on The Muppets

Dave Grohl vs. Animal – who ya got?

Dave Grohl vs. Animal – who ya got?

I am a lifelong fan of the Muppets. Have you seen their show on ABC? The premise is that Miss Piggy hosts a late-night talk show and all the other Muppets are the crew, it's like a G-rated version of 30 Rock. I love the format, but I guess some ABC execs don't because the show is being retooled.

But before it gets to that, the Muppets will get a visit from the coolest motherfucker in rock, Dave Grohl. Grohl will appear in the December 1 episode titled “Going, Going, Gonzo” as himself.

According to Variety, Grohl will challege the most metal muppet, Animal, to a drum-off.

This is not Grohl's first interaction with the Muppets. He had a cameo in their big comeback movie where, coincidentally, he played in Fozzy bear's band as Animal's replacement. Clearly, there is some resentment there but we hope it gets resolved on December 1st.

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