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DANI FILTH Won't Wear That One Infamous CRADLE OF FILTH Shirt

Dani Filth
Photo by James Sharrock

Cradle Of Filth released their "Jesus Is A Cunt" shirt in 1993 and the world has been talking about it ever since. In a recent interview with the Stoke The Fire podcast, Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth explained that the shirt was simply a vehicle to piss off as many people as they possibly could. And hey, it clearly worked.

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"The thing about that shirt was that it was, actually, an anarchic statement, if anything, when we did it," said Filth. "It was just like, 'Who could you poke with a stick more than anybody else, and it have an overarching effect?'."

So would Filth wear the shirt out in public a full 30 years after its release? The answer is "no." Because obviously it's one thing to do something that's funny when you're a kid, but it's another thing to wear a shirt like that as a full grown adult in a public place.

"As nasty as it is, I must admit, I would be uncomfortable wearing it now. My girlfriend, we went for a meal, and she inadvertently put it on because it was chilly outside. She had a cut down version of it, but there was enough of it. And I looked at her in horror like, 'Oh my god, what are you doing?' Like, I mean, I don't want lots of spit in my food, you know? It's an awkward scenario, but I'm pleased we did [the shirt], it was good fun."

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