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CYNIC Streams Compilation Of Demos From The Late '80s & Early '90s

In the pre-Focus days.

Cynic 2023

Cynic originally released Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Recordings in 2017 via the usual physical formats. Now for the first time ever, Cynic is streaming the compilation in full on Bandcamp alongside the option for a digital download.

Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Recordings covers Cynic's demos from 1989 to 1991, meaning you'll get to hear ex-members like bassists Mark Van Erp (Monstrosity) and Tony Choy (ex-Atheist), former guitarist Jason Gobel, and even short-lived Cynic vocalists Jack Kelly and Brian DeNeffe.

"These demos are like sketches of young, aspiring artists," said Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal says. "Although I can hear in them, some fragment of my playing now. I recognize certain rhythmic components in the guitar phrasing and think 'Oh, wow! I'm still doing that!' Over the course of a couple decades, that voice has become more refined, articulate, and precise. I'm sure some of the other guys would say the same thing.

"Hearing these demos is akin to looking at old pictures of yourself or reading historical diary entries and realizing you're a different person now. Sometimes seeing those old pics or hearing this work can even feel embarrassing, as if they're someone you don't care to know anymore, but it's who we were, and I've come to embrace how genuine the work actually is.

"There's an earnestness in these recordings that's particular to a space and time, and it will never happen again. We now have evidence exposing the roots of an artist's journey and there's nowhere to hide. That's the beauty of it."

Uroboric Forms – The Complete Demo Recordings is available here. Cynic is also expected to announce a remixed and remastered version of their 1993 debut album Focus sometime this year, though no information on that has yet surfaced.

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