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COREY TAYLOR Hasn't Done An Acoustic Album Because It's Too Easy

He also has a very high opinion of his upcoming solo album.

Corey Taylor 2023
Photo by Pamela Littky

Corey Taylor has been fronting Slipknot and Stone Sour for years, and even recently kicked off his own solo project. So could there possibly be an acoustic Corey Taylor album sometime in the future? Nah, that shit is way too easy.

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In an interview with Metal Hammer, Taylor said he writes a lot of songs acoustically but isn't interested in doing an acoustic-only album. Taylor feels pretty god about his songwriting abilities too, saying "I could write an entire album in a day" and that doing an acoustic album simply wouldn't be a challenge.

"Pretty much everything I write starts out acoustically, even the really heavy, riffy stuff. I know if I can make I sound good on an acoustic, it'll sound killer on an electric guitar. I could write an entire album in a day, I just find it so stupidly inspiring. It's probably why I haven't written an entirely acoustic album yet; I could do it so quickly it's not a challenge."

Taylor also touched on his upcoming CMF2 solo record with some pretty high praise, namely that he feels he's challenging listeners in a way that other artists aren't. And to be fair, we haven't heard CMF2 in full just yet – maybe it does, or maybe comparing one song to The Joshua Tree is a bridge too far. We'll find out.

"The worry now is, when people hear CMF2 they're gonna go, 'Well what isn't a solo song?' The breadth of it is so wide now, because we've touched on so much shit. There's super-heavy riffy stuff, hardcore punk, a piano song that could have been on [the 1987 U2 album] The Joshua Tree – I give no fucks. We're challenging people – and nobody does that now. Everything's a fuckin' dial tone, with the rare exception of, like, 10% of bands out there. If you're not chall

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