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Comedy Central greenlights STEEL PANTHER faux-reality show pilot

Comedy Central greenlights STEEL PANTHER faux-reality show pilot

I have seen Steel Panther perform live twice and even got the chance to interview them last year, and these dudes get it. A lot of people say they can't get into the band's music, but honestly, that's not even their best assett. Seeing the band live, you don't only see them go through a bunch of 80's covers, you see them deliver the most hilarious metal-based stand up comedy around. They just have really good comic timing. And that's ultimately what sells me on them. So, when I was reading a press release that Comedy Central issued detailing their upcoming year of production I was excited to see that the band sold the channel on a pilot based on their schtick. And you'll never guess who's producing it:

"Steel Panther"
This loosely scripted docu-reality show follows the outrageous and popular '80's style hairband, Steel Panther, as they attempt to bring back heavy metal. Featuring vocalist Michael Starr, drummer Stix Zadinia, bassist Lexxi Foxxx, and guitarist Satchel, Steel Panther is a parody heavy metal band from Los Angeles, known for their profane and humorous lyrics. Their over-the-top live performances have attracted celebrities and fans alike, and in February 2009 the band succeeded in becoming one of the most popular cover bands in California, winning the contest of "Best Tribute Band in the Universe". The band's first album, entitled "Feel the Steel" was released in 2009. "Steel Panther" is created by Brian Posehn ("The Sarah Silverman Program") and Jeff Tremaine ("Jackass").

That's right! Brian "I'm More Metal Than You" Posehn created the series, along with Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine. This has the makings of a very entertaining show, and another revenue stream for the band. I hope it gets picked up!

I wonder if their "Behind The Music" parody helped them get this deal. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a great introduction to the band…

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