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CODE ORANGE Says Metal Needs to Be More Forward-Thinking

"You look at a metal festival lineup and the headliners are all just bands from the 90s."

code orange 2020

Code Orange has certainly carved out a very unique sound over the years by fusing hardcore, metal, and tons of electronic influence into what can only be described as a nightmare riff machine breaking down forever. So what does Code Orange think of their contemporaries in the scene? Well, guitarist Reba Meyers tells Metal Hammer they need to start being more forward-thinking.

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"I love metal, but there needs to be more forward-thinking. It’s expected to be the most forward-thinking genre, but right now I think it’s falling behind some other genres. You look at a metal festival lineup and the headliners are all just bands from the 90s. If you look at festivals like Coachella, the headliners are modern acts.

"The festival runners who maybe say, ‘Oh they don’t have a following enough,’ it’s not just up to them – it’s up to the entire industry. Whenever you push these bands as ‘small’ they’re going to be looked at as ‘small,’. A lot of that is up to perception."

Vocalist Jami Morgan later added modern metal acts are just not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

"Metal has this amazing, loyal fan base and amazing bands that have paved the way or are still groundbreaking. But, are any of the new bands some of the biggest bands? No. In rap, or any other kinds of music, are the newest people the biggest? 100% That’s the problem."

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Read the full interview here.

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