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CODE ORANGE Launches Interactive Website Possibly Teasing New Album

Probably a new album.


Bands have been launching cryptic websites teasing their new album forever now, but Code Orange really outdid themselves on this one. Code Orange's new website is a 360° explorable room with a ton of stuff to click on. For instance, if you click on the little headphones icon on the table, it'll play some garbled audio that sounds like it could be a new song sped up. Or if you clcik the TVs, it'll take you to mysterious unlisted YouTube videos like the one below titled things like ""

Oh, and then if you click on the clock on the wall, it'll take you to this website that requires a three-digit code. The website is called whatisreallyunderneath and the digit website is it'scoming. So we'll see what happens, but still – kudos to Code Orange. This is cool as hell!

It's worth noting Code Orange hasn't release a record since Forever in 2017 and stated earlier this year they're working on new material.

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