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COAL CHAMBER's Members Issue Statements On Upcoming Reunion Show

They'll hit the stage in 2023.


Coal Chamber is one of the many bands announced for the upcoming nü-metal festival Sick New Days, making it their first live performance since 2015. The band's members – vocalist Dez Fafara, guitarist Miguel Rascón, bassist Nadja Peulen, and drummer Mike Cox – have each individually taken to their social media accounts to comment on the reunion. It's not clear if the show is a one-off or if there's more Coal Chamber to come, but Fafara did briefly comment on his Twitter "#coalchamber is back #thatisall."

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Coal Chamber originally existed between 1993 and 2003, and then again between 2011 and 2016. The band's final effort thus far was Rivals in 2015.

"GOOD LORD what a line up!!! Well this is definitely something I thought I would never post again in my life!!!" said Cox in his statement. "I am rarely on social media anymore as it is…..Quick recap as it will be therapeutic for me !!!After our last tours in 2015 I was coming off stage very depressed and wanting to be home with my young son.

"I was missing a lot and it started to really get to me. I made the decision , that if we stop again it was my last time ever playing again. After our last show ,it was over … and that's what I did. I completely retired from music and began focusing on my family life and raising our son .

"With the tremendous support and encouragement from my wife we moved to a new city …..Bought a new house ,and my construction company is booming…. Everything was exactly where we wanted it to be . After YEARS of hard work , therapy, sobriety , 2 elbow surgeries, I found extreme peace with not being a musician anymore.

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"Over the years I kept in contact with Dez Fafara and I feel like for the first time in 25 years we actually became real friends . Both our families went through A LOT over the past years and we were actually there for each other . We actually listen to each other and that means more than any band at this point in my life .

"That slowly changed the conversation of starting to play again… and here we are!!! I really thought about this decision for a long time with my family and what it meant to jump back in and this was a family decision. Our son is older now and always asks about what I used to do… now I can just show him all the crazy hardcore Coal Chamber fans we have out there!!!.

"It's an exciting time for us all the future looks bright! As for Miguel Rascón….. I think I have talked to him almost everyday of my life for the past 25 years….can't get rid of this fool!!!❤️. I want to thank everyone who helped me with this decision as it was not a easy one to make. Thank you to [The Oracle Management, owned by the Fafara family] for all of the extremely hard work and putting things in black and white and not bullshitting me like the music industry is so famous for.

"Also thanks to Nadja Peulen for being a part of this whacky journey we have put her through.???????????? I love all of you!!!!"

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"Excited to share the stage with my brothers again!," added Peulen.

"My brothers and sister," said Rascón. "Back together, w all the love in the world. Cant wait to play for all the fans who have been there for us and loyal. We love u all!"

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