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 After a performance at the Nova Rock festival in Austria, CLAWFINGER frontman Zak Tell bashes SLAYER in a recently posted press release. An excerpt follows:

"Jocke (Skog, keyboards) tried to say 'Hi' to the SLAYER guys from MESHUGGAH, as they had asked him to, but being the big American stars that they are, they (SLAYER) didn't really have time to listen to what us peasants had to say. They were too busy being the biggest stars of the evening. Too bad their show sucked ass! We stood in the crowd for about 15 minutes really trying to enjoy it, but in the end we simply realized that it was fucking boring. No show spirit worth mentioning, just big attitudes and no knowledge of how to communicate with the fans. Of course they get away with it because they're SLAYER, but it was still lame, if you ask me!"

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