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CHIMAIRA Is Teasing Something

It has to do with their 25th anniversary.

Chimaira Live 2023

Chimaira has posted a mysterious teaser to their social media. The teaser only showcases the band's logo (with video playing behind it), and the Roman numeral for 25. Chimaira was formed in 1998 making 2023 their 25th anniversary, but it's not clear if this means there's another reunion show coming, or some sort of celebratory reissue, or what.

Chimaira split up in 2014 and so far has played three reunion shows – one in 2017 and two in May of this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Impossibility Of Reason. Chimaira has not reunited in any long-term capacity just yet, and doesn't seem to have any plans to do so in the future. According to vocalist Mark Hunter in December 2022, Chimaira had no other touring plans other than the two 2023 reunion shows and isn't doing a new album.

In an interview with The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle, guitar Rob Arnold said the situation was a little more complex.

"I won't say that new Chimaira material, while we're not talking about it, is completely off the table. But there's a very good chance we may never have it, but there may be. We all know in Chimaira that people want more music but like you guys I'm sure, we're not a band that's going to throw something together just because. There's going to be so much planning and stewing to make that happen.

"We've actually tried – maybe you heard – we were kind of geared up after that last show as you know, things were great. As you know, God Forbid is probably fired up right now, but then the pandemic hit and it just wiped everything out. It just stopped completely. Now for these shows it's re-getting everything going again."

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