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Casino De Paris Hosts Metallica Show S&M – The Symphonic Tribute To Metallica


Without any doubt, Metallica is one of the greatest and most popular bands among heavy metal fans. Through the years, the band released 10 studio albums, 10 video albums, 4 live ones, and 41 music videos. What's more, Metallica has performed live more than 1600 times in the 37 years they exist. Earlier this year, they were making two million dollars a night on their European arena tour. Yes, you read that right. That’s how famous this band is among its followers. Let’s talk about Metallica’s timeless S&M album and its tribute that took place at the Casino de Paris earlier this month.

The Iconic S&M Live Album

The S&M live album is one of the greatest moments in the history of this heavy metal band. It's an abbreviation of Symphony and Metallica. They performed this album with the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen. The S&M album was recorded back in April 1999 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. It featured 21 of the band's most popular songs. The show is up to date, one of the most spectacular and appreciated events in music history.

The performance was challenging from a technical point of view. Yet, Metallica and Michael Kamen received many rewards for the concert. Along the years, the band's popularity inspired a lot of tribute bands around the world.

Garage Dayz’s Performance at Casino De Paris

Garage Dayz, a tribute band from Russia, tried to re-perform the S&M concert from 1999. Show's conductor was band's 3-years-long associate Viktor Barikin from Belarus. The concert has been performed only once by the Metallica band itself. And this is the first time a tribute band tried to relive it.

The lineup for the concert was: 4 musicians from Garage Dayz, a full orchestra, and Viktor Barikin. They performed the S&M concert for the first time in Europe. 60 musicians in total rocked the stage with some of the greatest Guns n Roses hits and classics. Fans had the chance to listen to songs like "Nothing Else Matters," "Enter Sandman," and "Master of Puppets" in a symphonic style.

The event took place in Casino de Paris on the 21st of November. And this is not a first time that casinos are hosting such events from the metal world. There are online sites like the Metal Casino, that show their support of this music genre. Live shows, a special rock, and metal-themed slot games, music rewards – are some of the perks players enjoy. Just as sports betting fans are loving bonuses, metal fans enjoy themed slots and rewards.

By the number of people were part of this performance, the musical tribute to Metallica is grandiose for sure. But, years of performing speak for itself about the quality and mastery of the tribute band. To be more precise, the Garage Dayz band performed in Russia for the past 2 years and attracted a lot of fans. One of the most notable appearances of the band with Viktor Babarikin was in 2018 at the Kremlin Palace. In the company of the Moscow symphonic orchestra, they made quite the show. It was so promising, that the tickets sold-out almost instantly. The concert brought 6000 Metallica fans who had the chance to admire the music and the lightning.

If you're a heavy metal music lover and a Metallica fan, you should definitely follow Garage Dayz. If the tribute band performs someplace near you, make sure to check them out live and enjoy their music. Their work with Viktor Babarikin and an orchestra is nothing but spectacular.

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