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CARNAL FORGE Declares Hiatus

In a rather unexpected divergence of ways, CARNAL FORGE bassist Lars Lindén declared that the band will be "taking a pause, and put on ice for an unspecified time." Though the hiatus is definite, and their upcoming release, in suspension, the prospects of them reuniting are looking rather murky. In a statement to the press, Linden expressed that he "[doesn't] know if there will ever be another Carnal Forge album, or if [they'll] play live again."

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Least to say, Linden's sadness towards this potentially terminal hiatus was clear; he added that he does "hope" and intends to work towards the possibility of playing as a band, in the future. He explained that the present decision resulted from all of the band "members [choosing] to drop off Carnal Forge, due to different reasons to work on new projects." A logical diagnosis for the seemingly collective ditch? Diverging band priorities and musical inspiration, with Linden as the sole voice of opposition towards the split. And though this "shift" in priorities may appear surprising, some could argue that it was on the horizon – with a history of changes in band line-up. In January 2010, the band parted ways drummer Stefan Westerberg, who was then replaced with Chris Barkensjö (ex-GRAVE). After this line-up change, the band remained to release their follow-up to Testify for My Victims, which was released by Candlelight Records, in May 2007.

Despite the band's growing desire to separate and focus on individual metal pursuits, Linden has spent the last year writing 20 songs, for what would have been Carnal Forge's seventh album. Given the band's decision, he has decided to put his material into a "new thrash metal project, called DELERIUM." No less dedicated to the death-laced, thrashin' cause (and spending not a second's time to shed a tear), he has catalyzed the recording process in his home studio. Linden is currently in the pre-production stages of the album, which will tentatively be entitled Friendly Fire. In addition to his standard, gnarly bass lines, Linden will be adding riffs of his own: tapping into a long un-expressed yet equally volatile passion of his own – guitar – which he honorably dubbed as his "main instrument," and source of "great fun." Gotta admire the nerdous commitment to all things riff!

To get your commemorative fill of Carnal Forge, check out the official music video for "Blood War" (See Below).

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