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CARMINE APPICE Challenges NIKKI SIXX To A Jam Off After Public Dispute

"I want to respond to Nikki Sixx's comments about me being a 'washed-up drummer.'"

Carmine Appice 2023

The feud between legendary drummer Carmine Appice and Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is still going strong, at least on one side.

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It all started when Appice said in an interview that guitarist Mick Mars wasn't getting along with the other members of Mötley Crüe toward the end of his touring career, and that Mars wasn't happy that his final tour with the band was "pre-recorded and that everything was on tape."

Sixx caught wind of the comments and, in a tweet, said "Love how people talk FOR us without talking TO us. This is why the media has lost credibility. Obviously by printing BS they make money off of advertising and we’re not into that clickbait game. When the truth comes out it will be FROM üs..#TheFutureIsOurs." As a brief aside, it's worth noting that Mötley Crüe already issued a statement wishing Mars all the best and has not commented further on the matter.

Sixx also accused Appice of being a washed up drummer, saying "A washed up drummer trying to speak for us? And bottom feeder media running with it to make money off of lies? Welcome to the sad new world of LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. Up next for us, a stadium tour in Europe, Australia , Japan etc."

Appice, obviously pissed off about Sixx, replied "At least this washed-up drummer can play his instrument well who has pioneered heavy rock drumming and can educate others around the world on his instrument!" Which is a pretty brutal comment, especially after accusing Crüe of pre-recording their entire live show.

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As if that wasn't enough, Appice has now put the ball firmly in Sixx's court. In a comment to Ultimate Guitar, Appice has challenged Sixx to a jam-off to "see who the better musician on their respective instrument is." Sixx has not yet responded, or brought up the feud any further than his initial comment.

"I want to respond to Nikki Sixx's comments about me being a 'washed-up drummer,'" said Appice in his statement. "I want to challenge him [Nikki Sixx] to a jam off to see who the better musician on their respective instrument is. Since your article in Ultimate Guitar started this whole brew-ha-ha, I felt we should give this statement to you and let you run with it."

What's still a mystery is what "truth" there is left to tell, as neither Mötley Crüe nor Mars have said anything since their original statements. It's also been five months since Mars retirement – you'd think if something was to be said, it would've been said by now.

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