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CARICATURE To Release One 27-Minute-Long Track About A Man And His Cat

Cat metal? Sure, why not?

Cat metal? Sure, why not?

Caricature, featuring ex-Aborted live guitarist Joseph Spiller and Last Chance to Reason drummer Evan Sammons, is all set to release a new album titled The Fiction We've Become this year… but what about in the interim? How about a 29-minute long track titled "Stampede" about the story of a man and his cat, and the bond they share through all the trials and tribulations of life?

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If you say anything but "that sounds awesome," then you're lying to yourself. Period. Check out the explanation of the song below and a crazy good trailer toward the bottom!

"Long-ass song about a cat. Crazy, right? I wanted to do a longer song and have parts that breathed naturally, that get inside you and that build. Too often in heavier music, I find that artists will have these incredible parts that crop up and vanish so fast that they never get a chance to go develop properly. I didn't set out to make a super long song, but as I wrote, a longer song just felt right. When it came to finding inspiration for lyrics, my cat Parmesan was always sitting next to me or trying to play. He's my number one guy and after singing songs to him for fun and being tired of heavy bands telling completely fictitious stories of acts of violence that they themselves would never commit, fake 'scientific' dissertations, tall tales, and the like, it felt right to tell his story instead. I was very, very sick when I brought this tiny blind, dying kitten into my home. His mother, who was a stray, led him into the middle of the street in front of my house then left him crying and unable to move. I could barely get out of bed, but I heard him and rushed out as fast as I could and that was the beginning of a broship for the ages. This is the tale of both of us fighting to get better, set to music that was fueled by listening to Symphony X, Steven Wilson, ISIS, and Ihsahn."

Get the band's previous single "Eat Shit and Die" here.

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