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CARCASS Guitarist Wanted To Start On A New Record In 2015

Maybe in 2016 the wheels will start turning?

Maybe in 2016 the wheels will start turning?

Carcass released Surgical Steel in 2013 (and soon after an EP of leftovers called Surgical Surpluss), its first album since 1996. The former had so much new material that it even spawned an EP of B-sides and bonus tracks in 2014. Though the band has been touring on Surgical Steel since 2013, guitarist Bill Steer tells Resident Rock Star in the below video that he would've liked to start on a new record in 2015, though things didn't quite pan out that way due to other personalities within the group.

"It's torture for me, because I would have liked to have been working on [new music] before this [latest U.S. tour], but I'm just one person in the band. I suppose if we'd done something too quickly after the last record, it wouldn't have been taken too seriously anyway. We could have worked our asses off and done a really valid album, but because it was still in the wake of the previous one and the publicity around it, I don't think it would have done too well. So I do understand the rationale in that sense, yeah, but just as a guy in the band, it's frustrating, 'cause you wanna be creating new things, and two and half, three years down the line, if you're still just touring a similar kind of set, it can be weird on a bad day."

Of course the prospect of a new Carcass album is extremely enticing, but as a fan I think it's probably better to wait for everyone to be on the same page rather than have a forced followup that kind of sucks.

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