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CARCASS' Bill Steer Thinks "It's Funny" THE USED's New Album Is Called Heartwork

"I did hear about it. I think it's just funny."


Carcass released their landmark melodic death metal album Heartwork in 1993. Come April 24 of this year, emo band The Used will release their album Heartwork. Neither album has anything to do with each other. Carcass guitarist and vocalist Bill Steer also doesn't really care about The Used naming their album Heartwork. In fact, he tells Everblack Media that he thinks it's a little funny.

"I did hear about it. I think it's just funny. I don't know much about that band, and clearly they don't know much about us. I certainly don't feel angry — I don't think any of us would. That's comical. We can't copyright that phrase or those words, so they're welcome to it."

Now if we could just get a split between Carcass and The Used where they each cover a song from each other's Heartwork. Sure, the market is small for that, but it'd be a little fun.

Carcass will release their new album Torn Arteries in August. Steer recently said the album pays homage to ex-drummer Ken Owen and his fictitious band of the same name.

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