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CANNIBAL CORPSE Guitarist Had 50 Shotguns, 10 Semiautomatics & Other Weapons In Home According To New Court Documents

Newly released court documents help further explain why firefighters had such a hard time putting out the blaze at the home of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien.

O'Brien is currently facing charges of burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault and aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.

O'Brien broke into a neighbor's home, threw a woman in the residence to the ground, and ran to their backyard where he hid behind a fence. When cops surrounded him, he tried to charge at them with a knife, but was tasered and arrested. As this was happening, his own home was engulfed in flames, and live ammunition was going off. There were "military-grade flame throwers" also causing the fire to get even bigger, resulting in his entire home burning down. Firefighters worked for hours to put out the blaze. There are no charges against O'Brien as a result of the blaze.

Tampa Bay Times got a hold of court documents which went into great detail about the type of weaponry O'Brien had in his home:

The next day, after the fire subsided, fire marshals found a large cache of weapons, locked safes and potential explosive devices inside the home the 53-year-old O’Brien rented at 16311 Northwood Dr.

The stash included about 50 shotguns — including one with a barrel illegally sawed off to about an inch past the stock — 10 semiautomatic rifles including a couple of AK-47 variants, two Uzi-style rifles and 20 handguns, according to a search warrant.

Authorities even found two flame throwers, according to the warrant, one inside the house and one outside of it.

The report notes that authorities found thousands of rounds of ammunition, ammunition belts and "military style metal cans." For some reason, the report also notes he had "three skulls" in his house.

The report also noted that he made strange calls to his parents that day warning of "the rapture" and that "aliens have landed."

O'Brien was released from prison Friday night after posting $50,000 bail. A crowdfunding campaign was briefly launched to help O'Brien with his recovery but has since been taken down.

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