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Can Everybody Please Stop Asking Vinnie Paul About A PANTERA Reunion?

Look, we get it. You need to get your story out there, and any mention of Pantera is a sure way to get things posted. Heck, I'm writing about it right now, and I've written about it before. But at this point, I just feel like we're repeating ourselves.

A few months ago, Zakk Wylde said he would be honored to step in for Dimebag Darrell for a Pantera reunion, but ultimately has said that he can't see it happening.

Ever since then, virtually every interview with Vinnie Paul, who is promoting his current band, Hellyeah, and their new album, Band of Brothers has had a question about reforming Pantera with Wylde or some different variant of the question and every time Paul has flat-out refused to go along.

The most recent case was a Michigan radio interview where Paul stated “I think the bottom line is Zakk’s a great friend of mine. Obviously, he was a really great friend of Dime’s. But the truth of the matter is Dime was Pantera.”

There, done…stop it.

Pantera will never be back.

If you really want to hear Pantera tracks bad, grab the live DVD or go see the Metal Masters in September. Phil will certainly bust out some tunes.

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