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CAGE Is A Grindcore Band Inspired By Nicolas Cage Flipping Out

There are few things in this world as glorious as Oscar winner Nicolas Cage going completely batshit in a movie. Whether he's screaming about bees or threatening to kill a pair of elderly woman, Mr. Cage is the undisputed king of scenery chewing freak-outs. In honor of the man's formidable acting chops, English grindviolence band Cage (named after the master thespian himself) have dedicated themselves to creating the musical equivalent of Nic Cage blowing a gasket.

Below you can listen to "Trapped In Paradise," a track from Cage's 2012 EP, Saint Nicolas. I'm sure you'll agree that this band perfectly captures the essence of Nicolas Cage flipping his lid on camera (and probably in real life, too). The EP is free through Cage's Bandcamp page, but feel free to slide the band some dough to support their cause.

According to Cage's Facebook page, the band will soon be releasing their debut LP, titled Pilots. Here's to hoping for songs inspired by The Wicker Man and The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. But, until the album drops, download the Saint Nicolas EP and bang your head to the sound of Nicolas Cage going absolutely bonkers. Cheers!

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