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YOB Frontman To Undergo Surgery for Diverticulitis

Yob frontman Mike Scheidt has been dealing with diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the digestive tract, and things are so bad that the frontman of the stoner-doom band needs surgery.

At first, the band thought Mike would be okay, posting:

Two months ago, our guitarist and vocalist Mike Scheidt was diagnosed with acute Diverticulitis, a painful intestinal disease. On Saturday, this escalated and he was admitted into the hospital to determine whether he would need emergency surgery.

The good news is that Mike won't need surgery immediately. The bad news is that he needs several days of monitoring in the hospital and will regrettably be missing his performance with The School of Rock Portland on January 28th. He had a great time rehearsing with the kids there and feels badly that he won't be able to make it for the performance. If you are in the Portland area, be sure to support all of their hard work and get out to this show! They will still be performing our song, “Atma”, and will be kicking serious butt despite his lack of attendance.

More good news is that Mike should be feeling better and will be making it to Brooklyn and Austin for our shows in February! He may be moving a little slow, but we'll be there!

However, things took a turn for the worst, when he returned to eating solid foods:

“An update on Mike: his condition took a turn for the worse. After 3 days with no food, his improvement allowed for being cleared to switch from strictly IV fluids to a bowl of broth. His body reacted badly to the food and sent him back into extreme pain and fever, with uncontrollable rigors and chills. As a result, Mike is having surgery in the early am to remove the infected part of his large intestine. He’s keeping his spirits up, and thanks you all for the love and good cheer being sent, it helps tremendously. We’ll post updates as we get them ❤.”

Our thoughts are with Mike for a speedy recovery.

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