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This Next RUSH Tour Might Be The Group's Last Ever



Rush put out its first record 41 years ago and by the next tour, the members are going to be hovering around the age of 65. To have a career like that is something any modern band can only pray for relentlessly, or to at least have the impact on the musical world that Rush did. So it really sucks to hear the band's longtime manager Ray Danniels tell Celebrity Access that the group's upcoming tour could be its last.

"Yeah, that is possible. I am focused on making this as good as it can be, and then seeing where we are. I did not want to do a farewell tour. There was no one in the band who wanted to do that because there is nobody who thinks it is that final or thinks that they won’t make music or do something. But I will tell you this. I am probably not going to be able to get a band full of 65 year olds out again on the road–which is what would happen next time with any potential tour–they all would be 65-ish. Neil is as much an athlete as he is a musician, but with these 2 1/2 and 3 hour length sets, I don’t know if it possible to keep up with that (physical) demand. And they each want to go out on top in every single way. From their status….well, that is more me—the status—than it is them; and still having the ability to be at their best. To play at the level that they have been able to play."

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He's totally right in every way- the group is getting old and each of the guys wants to spend time with his or her family. Plus, Rush fans aren't going to a show to see Rush play an hour set- the group has an infinity of material and it seems like time is never of the essence when it comes to a Rush concert. You're getting a lot of Rush and you're going to love it.

So head out this time and see Rush before the limelight goes down. You can get the band's complete tour itinerary here.

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