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Sean Reinert Plans To Tour On The DEATH TO ALL Tour Even Though He's Hurt

Injuries happen, and it always seems like the worst time. Sean Reinert, who drummed on Death's influential Human album, has ruptured his achilles tendon during his training for the DEATH TO ALL tour. According to the blog post on the DEATH TO ALL website, Reinert has completed the required surgery, and has started his rehabilitation efforts. Reinert, who drums for Cynic, will still remain on the tour, but it's not quite certain what his abilities will be. Luckily enough, Gene Hoglan and Danny Walker (from Intronaut / Exhumed) will still be on the tour to help out. Richard Christy, Death's last drummer, will also be making appearances, but probably not many due to his radio commitments. Here is what Sean had to say about the injury:

“This is a horrible injury, the pain has been off the charts but I think it’s meant to be. I think the grand plan here is to use this as an example for a reason to raise awareness & have an outlet for musicians in need. Although I am devastated that I can’t perform at 110% I am grateful that my injury is a minor one (one that will heal over time) and still allows me to be a part if this wonderful tour and cause.”

Like the announcement on the DEATH TO ALL website says, it is a little ironic that a tour benefiting Sweet Relief, which was founded to help musicians in need, sees one of its musicians get handicapped before the tour even begins. It sucks, but the show must go on!

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