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ROB ZOMBIE Lost His Voice And Cancelled His ROCK FEST Appearance Mid-Set

This past Sunday night, Rob Zombie was forced to cancel its set at Rock Fest in Cabott, Wisconsin, due to the frontman losing his voice.  He started to pretty much sound like complete shit, and basically stopped singing during their second song of the set, 'Dragula'.

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About half way through the first verse, Rob appeared to be having difficulties, and that is when he essentially called it quits.  He disappeared off stage twice, I'm assuming, to inform everyone that he was basically done.

"I've never done this before. Man, I can't even talk. There's no way I can do this show. I'm sorry. It's fucking bullshit, I know, but that's what fucking happens. We don't want to give you a shit show, I'm sorry. What can we do? It's my fault."

Rob again apologized online, saying:

"Sorry, everybody. I wish my voice wasn't so fucked. I knew from the first second we started that it was impossible to get through the show."

Having seen Zombie and knowing what extreme professionals everyone in the band are, it's unusual to me that he would still attempt to perform if he knew his voice getting close to being blown.

Festival organizers also took to Facebook to apologize about the unfortunate mishap:

 "Sorry Rock Festers. We didn't mean for Rock Fest to end this way. What we were told is Rob Zombie's voice went. We tried to get him back on stage, but to no avail. That's what took so long."

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If I was there for Zombie, I'd be pretty bummed out, wouldn't you?

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