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NUNSLAUGHTER's Drummer Had A Stroke And Needs Your Help

Help a good dude out!

Help a good dude out!

Last week, Nunslaughter's drummer Jim “Sadist” Konya suffered a stoke. While the band has been posting periodically to its Facebook giving updates about his health, which have generally been positive, Konya's bills still need to be paid because.

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As usual, metal fans around the world have reacted in an extremely positive way to the situation and have been donating to the GoFundMe site for Konya's expenses! Head over and pledge whatever you can- so far the GoFundMe has been doing extremely well but with ongoing health complications like that, there's really never enough money that can be donated to ensure that things will permanently be alright.

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Bummer Alert

Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this difficult time.