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MAX CAVALERA Recovers From Bells Palsy

Well this sucks. Last week, Max Cavelera's wife noticed the Soulfly frontman's face "looked weird." Upon looking into a mirror, Max realized he couldn't move half his face and initially the fear was that he had suffered a stroke, but it was Bell's Palsy, a condition that results in the inability to control facial muscles. Thankfully, he was put on antibiotic, and has improved his condition. He is expected to make a full recovery. Here is a statement Max released concerning this health scare:

“I woke up one morning after coming home from Australia and the whole room was spinning. I looked at Gloria and said, 'There's something wrong here.' She said, 'Your face looks weird.' I went to the mirror and couldn't move half of my face. We thought I was having a stroke, so we rushed to the hospital. I learned my condition was called Bell’s Palsy but I'd never heard of that. It's a f—ng weird disease. My right eye won't blink, and half of my face feels like I've been punched by Mike Tyson! It hurts like hell. Anyway, I am leaving for Brazil. The show must go on and this Bell's Palsy ain't gonna stop a metalhead from his duties. I hope I'll be ok and thanks to all the fans concerned with me. Stay Metal."

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It's great to see the man keeping such a positive outlook on life with such a shitty current diagnosis. Max is powering through and getting amped for the release of Soulfly's new album, Enslaved on March 13th. We here at Metal Injection are sending all of our positive energy Max's way.

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