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MARDUK Says They're Not On The Upcoming DEICIDE, SEPTICFLESH Tour

Talk about a bummer of a miscommunication.

Talk about a bummer of a miscommunication.

Yesterday we excitedly announced there will be a killer fall tour this year consisting of Decide headlining and support provided by Marduk, Septicflesh and Carach Angren. One problem… Marduk aren't actually on the tour. They took to their Facebook page to let it be known that they declined the tour offer:

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It has come to our attention that a tour with Deicide and Marduk has been announced. This was unfortunately an error, seeing as we already declined this offer. As to why this was broadcast in the first place we can but speculate, but most likely it’s a case of miscommunication.

Post by Marduk Official.

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That's certainly a bummer because they were a big part of why I thought the tour was awesome. No idea why Deicide went ahead and announced this if Marduk was playing on it. As of this writing, all tour announcements, and basically eeverything but the profile and cover photo have been deleted off Decide's Facebook page.

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