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iwrestledabearonce Frontwoman Is Pregnant, Sitting Out Warped Tour, Possibly Quitting iwabo?

iwrestledabearonce have grown quite a bit since we initially discovered them in 2008. The band went on to sign with Century Media and tour all over the world. They were about to head off to the kick-off of Warped Tour, when they got a surprise phone call from frontwoman Krysta Cameron saying she would not be able to perform because she just learned she was pregnant. Wow! Congrats to Krysta. Here is the full explanation from founding guitarist Steven Bradley:

"So here it is… complete transparency.  A press release written by me (Steven, original IWABO guitarist) with the truth on what's going down.

The day before our Warped Tour show in Dallas, TX we had a day off in the DFW area. Krysta lives there now, so she went home to relax and do some laundry. The next day, we received word from her minutes before our set that she discovered she and her fiancé are expecting a kid and she would not be returning to finish Warped Tour with us. Obviously this is an insane curveball for everybody, but in typical IWABO fashion we will press on. And no matter what happens, Krysta has been our best friend for years and we want her to be happy.

So what the fuck is the plan then, you ask? Well on literally a few minutes notice, our friend Courtney LaPlante flew her ass down to meet up with us today so that won't miss a single show of this tour. Courtney is a beast in both the singing and screaming departments and is also an incredibly awesome person. We wouldn't tarnish the years of work that we've put into this band by having somebody half-ass it on stage with us, so please come to a show and give her a high-five and make her feel welcome for doing us this huge favor. It makes it feel even better and more natural since she has been a long-term fan of our band and already knows the material.

So long story short; Fear not friends and Bear Fuckers… We will continue to play Warped Tour and we hope that you will continue to support us. Getting to play for and talk to so many of you on a daily basis is honestly what we live for, and we will definitely continue with our plan to high-five everybody on Earth. We will update you with more info soon, including some new tour dates and info on our recently-finished full-length horror/comedy/whatever film A Beary Scary Movie!

And finally, thank you so much to everybody who has been so supportive of us for all these years and we hope to see you again soon!

– Steven / iwabo"

Our best wishes to Krysta and here's hoping the band figure out their situation. The part where he writes "and no matter what happens" leads me to believe Krysta might not be back, which is a bummer because she was one of the nicest people to be around, but obviously, her child takes precedence.

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