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Is SYSTEM OF A DOWN Contemplating Moving On Without Frontman Serj Tankain?

It's been a while since we've had a concrete update on new material from System Of A Down. They haven't released new material since 2005's double album, Mesmerize/Hypnotize and in that time frontman Serj Tankian has developed quite the solo career, while his bandmates have also gotten mild success with their solo projects.

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While the band was previously hopeful for a new album in 2014, it seems that might not be the case and it might be Serj's fault for holding out. In some new posts on his Facebook page, bassist Shavo Odadjian puts the frontman on blast, and reveals the remaining three members are considering moving on without him.

Shavo originally posted:

ok….. Ill come clean.. Its not us(meaning Daron,John Or Shavo!! Its Sej, who doesn' want to do a new album!!!! so please stop harassing us about it!!! We are just waiting for SERJ! Now He might hate me for exposing the truth but i Had too.. Sorry folks!!! we're trying to get a new album out, its just not passing Serj's RULES! . Kinda funny, since we started the band and now he's holding us back!! I think we should should release another album again??? As for me.. I'm ready to release one with someone who wants to be the singer of SYSTEM. not soeome we have to beg to be a part of SYSTEM!! So with that in mind, what do you guys w should do? Just remember, Hes been holding us back for 7 years so far.. wanna wait another $-5 years? or shall we release a record without Serj? u tell us?????

In the comments he added:

we're tired of waiting!!!! NO disrespect to Serj System has to go on!!!!! who agrees???????????

sorry bro, @ serj Tankian . had to tell the truth.. ive been being harassed since you didnt wanna do anther record. love u.

The ranting kept going:

I dont want to make a record without him… but if he's not down? should the 3 of us just sit and wait?? Not cool!!!!!!!! i want the fans from all over the world including Brazil to tell us what they think.

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No System? or System with with a new singer whos just as good if not better? PLUS new System songs and tours???? please give me ur opinion people!!! is SYSTEM better with no singer or someone who is excited to be our new singer?? you decide.. cause im confused!!!

…and going…

no diss to Serj.. If he wants to be in the band then he's welcome but if he's not? what do you expect us 3 to do.?? we really want anorther System Record! wish Serj was down but if hes not, then im going ahead and making a System record without him!!! im furious that he let us down like this, but we gotta do something to keep this great band alive!!! agreed????????

Ultimately, I feel that Tankian's voice is at the heart of what made System of A Down so great and unique. To replace him would be removing a very important part of the equation. If the rest of the band chooses to go on, perhaps pick a new moniker? I can see how that wouldn't fly because of the name recognition giving the band better guaranteed money, but god damn it SERJ… JUST HELP THEM MAKE A NEW ALBUM ALREADY!!!

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