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HE IS LEGEND Vocalist Suffering From Mystery Illness

Schuylar Croom is doing better these days.

Schuylar Croom

He Is Legend vocalist Schuylar Croom revealed via an Instagram video that he's currently suffering from a mystery illness. Croom said he usually gets sick in the morning and will throw up roughly 20 times per day, unfortunately causing him to basically live in the bathroom. Croom said that the illness remains unsolved and was not solved by gall bladder removal, though he added he's feeling better these days.

Croom also revealed that He Is Legend has completed recording a new album and is only missing his vocals at this point. We wish Croom all the best with his illness, and genuinely hope that a medical professional can get him the help that he needs.

"I have an illness. We're not sure what it is," said Croom in the video. "I get sick usually in the mornings, I'll throw up and then I will be ill for sometimes two weeks. Those are the gory details. I'm talking [like] I throw up and go to bed and I feel gross. I'm throwing up 20 times a day. I'm like, living in the bathroom. I'm not a bath guy, but when this happens I'm in the bathtub a lot. There's the gory details.

"So all year we've been going in and out trying to figure this out. We thought that gall bladder removal was the answer. It turned out it wasn't. I got sick again. This time very close to my recording sessions for the new He Is Legend record. As I was healing from the gall bladder surgery, I get sick again and we had to push recording for me – the album is finished other than vocals, and so that's why I wanted to make this video. Because we're all connected, we're all one, and I am healing. I'm feeling better.

"I'm grateful for my band, my brothers Adam, Matt, Jesse. I'm grateful for my lover who's taking care of me, been by my side this whole time. My family. Every doctor I've seen. Every friend. This has been a year of love and I've grown so much. If there's one thing I've learned is that when I'm unwell, I know that this person that I am, that I feel like right now because I'm walking around not sick, is the best me I've ever been. I know that. And I'm born to do what we do, so I won't turn my back on that and I won't let an illness stop me, though it has delayed me.

"I'm very excited to record, to button up this record, for you guys to hear it, to start a new cycle, to be back on the road. So we'll see you in March with Attila. That tour is gonna be bananas. I think everything is gonna work out. Everything is gonna be okay because it always is, you know? Thank you all for your love and support."

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