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Former STATIC X Bassist on Wayne Static Overdose: "You Can't Help Somebody That Doesn't Wanna Be Helped"

Former Static X bassist Tony Compos was in the news recently after deciding to make the switch from playing bass in Soulfly to Fear Factory. But recently, he was interview by Horns Up Rocks and asked about the tragic passing of his former bandmate, Wayne Static.

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Static died in his sleep last November and based on a few tributes, it was assumed Static died of an overdose. At the time, Static's widow, Tera Way denied it saying Static was sober, but when the coroner's report were finally released, it was revealed that Static died after mixing a cocktail of Xanax and other powerful prescription drugs with alcohol.

Speaking on Static's drug addiction, Compos said there was nothing he or his band mates can do:

"It's unfortunate. I mean, we weren't friends the last five years of his life. And he just… He went down a path that none of the other guys in the band wanted to go down. You can't help somebody that doesn't wanna be helped. And he didn't wanna hear it from anybody, least of all me. When somebody doesn't want the help, there's nothing you can do; you've just gotta let them do what they're gonna do. Unfortunately, the path he went on ended up costing him his life."

Speaking as somebody who has lost a friend to addiction, there really is very little you can do to convince them to stop. They have to want to themselves.

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