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Don't Hold Your Breath For A New AT THE GATES Album

Maybe we won't be seeing a new At The Gates album sometime soon. After the news broke that The Haunted are basically dunzo, and At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg was quoted as saying "never say never" when it comes to a new album from the melodic death metal pioneers, we got a little excited at the possibility, that mayyybe, just maybe we might hear some new riffs from the band.

But guitarist Anders Björler put that all to rest in a recent interview.

In an new interview with Andrew Huag, Björler shot down any possibility of new music saying:

"For me, personally, no. I've never had those plans. I guess some of the other guys [in the band] want to, but certainly not me. Because I think too much time has passed. It was, maybe, 16 years ago, or 17, since we released Slaughter Of The Soul, and too much time has passed. I'm not at the place that I was back then, and it's not gonna sound like a continuation of Slaughter Of The Soul, and that's basically what I don't wanna do."

In that same interview he said the band is mostly looking to play territories that they never reached before like South America. Björler is currently keeping busy working on a new solo project.

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