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COVET's Van Stolen Four Days Before Tour, Band Seeks Help

Why do people do this to touring bands.

Covet 2022

Covet will kick off their coming tour on November 11, or at least they were until some asshole stole their van. Guitarist and Covet mastermind Yvette Young has taken to Instagram to detail the theft, saying not much gear was in the van at the time… but still, they need a van to tour.

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The band has since launched a GoFundMe to help with the cost of the van, and you can check that out here. The good news here is that was originally seeking $15,000 and has already raised over $17,000! Still, feel free to donate and get the band's tour dates here.

"Hi! Yvette here – I can't believe i'm writing this 4 days before tour in this predicament. My bandmates and I were in Oakland on Saturday 11/5 in a recording session and at 6:45pm, our van was stolen directly from the studio parking lot. Somebody had broken in and hotwired it.

"I had just purchased this 2007 Ford E350 superwagon with my own personal money as an investment for this upcoming tour. I wanted me and my crew to be 100 percent safe. We are so blessed to not have had much gear in the van aside from a drum rug, but we are taking a huge financial hit now for this upcoming tour being 15k in the hole and then having to scramble to rent a van last minute.

"We are basically at this point looking to just recoup the cost of the van at the very least. I know times are very hard for everyone, but we are down to the wire and this has been a big unprecedented hit. My heart goes out to anyone who has had their van or gear stolen. It feels terrible and violating, and I am frankly exhausted.

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"Here is a screengrab from the security footage we got of the person driving away. Gofundme link in bio. Even if you can’t donate, I really appreciate anyone even reading this and sharing."

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