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CARCASS Is The Latest Metal Band To Be Banned From Malaysia Over Lyrical Content

In 2013, we learned that Lamb of God would not be allowed to played Malaysia after a complaint was filed by Malaysian Department Of Islamic Development over objectionable lyrical content.

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Guess what? Carcass is joining the banhammer party. The band were denied visas and as a result will have to cancel their upcoming gigs in the country. Carcass released this statement about the matter:

"Sorry Malaysia, no show for you guys in May. Seems like your government officials still haven't updated their calendars to the 21st century – we've had our visas declined on the basis of our 'lyrical content'. Laughable and embarrassing. Give us a call when you get yourselves a sensible secular state. PS if you're reading this you're too late, we already 'corrupted' your youth and played Kuching last year!"

Based on the sarcastic tone, I'm assuming Jeff Walker wrote that and bless his soul for not giving a fuck. Here's some video of what stands to be Carcass' final Malaysian performance:

[via Lambgoat]

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