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BEHEMOTH Frontman Seriously Ill; All Upcoming Shows Cancelled

Nergal of Behemoth

This is not fun news to start the week with. Behemoth have been forced to cancel all upcoming dates in the foreseeable future due to frontman, and all around nice guy, Nergal being 'seriously ill'. While nobody is coming out and saying just what disease Nergal has, the front man has released a statement saying while the band will not be touring they will still be in the public eye:

I do not want to bore you with details, but I can no longer hide the fact that I am seriously ill and waiting for my multi-stage treatment, which can take up to several months. Thus, we have not choice but to cancel the coming summer festivals, planned for September and October tour of Russia and the Baltic States and the November tour of the USA. I’ve got a rather difficult period, and a lot of work but I became hardened in the fire, is not it? You know me, so that you know that out of this I will become stronger than ever. We will then rebook all the concerts and return with greater momentum. At this time, I feel good, my head is ready to fight the disease, everything is under the control of professionals. I have with me the most wonderful and loving woman, family, team, managers and people from publishing companies who are doing everything to support me. I do ask of you just a little bit of patience. I would add that the fact that in the near future we will not be touring but will not be in hibernation. We have a lot to offer you in the coming months, Behemoth will be working on many other fronts. In coming days expect release of our latest clip “Alas, Lord Is Upon Me.” Ensures that this is the most perfect, the most provocative and stimulating I have ever made a picture. In addition, we will finish work on the DVD release “Evangelia Heretika” which will be released in November of this year. We will keep you informed about what is happening in our camp. Horns Up!”

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Well, our best wishes go out to Nergal and his family in this difficult time. In the few times we had the privilege to hang out with Nergal, he was nothing but polite and respectful. He is just an all around cool dude, like a Polish Fonz. He even put up with two jerks from Russia who were poking fun at Russian-Polish relations. Good luck man, the metal scene needs you!

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