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TESSERACT Are In The Market For A New Vocalist

That was fast! Less than a year ago, American-born Elliot Coleman of Sky Eats Airplane was the new vocalist for UK-based djentlemen TesseracT. Today, that is no more! The band and Coleman both released statements explaining that it was a mutual decision and there are no hard feelings. Things came to a head once the band started writing their forthcoming sophomore release, and Elliot, who lives in the U.S. found it hard to collaborate with his new bandmates. Here is the band's statement:

Sadly, our good buddy Elliot has decided to leave team TesseracT.

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We’d like to thank Elliot for everything he has done for us. We have loved having him be a part of this beast. He introduced us to a completely different side of our sound, as well the delights of Pho! Things we will always be grateful for.

So, as well as continuing to write and record album 2, we are also on the hunt for that special (shpecial) person to be the new full-time TesseracT vocalist.

To match his former bandmates, Coleman released a video statement giving his side of the story:

Blabbermouth was kind enough to transcribe his statement for those of you unable to watch video at the moment:

"It's a shame, but honestly, it's for the best for everyone involved. I joined the band on very short notice — very short notice. We didn't have much time for any of us to prepare, or even really get to know each other. And thankfully, we all realized that we're all good guys and we all got along very well. They had a lot of stuff that they needed to get done before they could move on to their second album, and that included a bunch of tours… or a few tours, really… I only did, like, three, I think, with them. An EP, the 'Perspective' [acoustic] EP, some radio sessions… So they had to knock all that stuff out, so we had to do that. And then when it actually came time to writing for the new album, that's kind of where we came to a bit of a standstill. And not for any negative reasons; it just was apparent that we weren't really a match for each other. And with the distance And with the distance — with me living in the U.S. and them living in the U.K… Being in a band, for the most part, it works better… Even if you're in different states, at least you're in the same country, so networking with each other is far easier than we were able to work. So, stylistically, there were some differences. And things like that happe. But it's nothing to worry about. They were successful before I joined and they'll be far more successful now that I'm gone. I'm still great friends with all the guys and I'll be seeing them later in England later this month, so…"

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So there you have it, the band need a new d00d up front. Think you can be that d00d? Then, get moving! Record yourself singing one of their tracks and hit the band up. The next post we write about this band could be about how YOU just joined them.

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