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LOCK UP Replace Vocalist Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES) with Kevin Sharp (BRTUAL TRUTH)

When Kaaos TV interviewed Tomas Lindberg on November 22 before an At the Gates concert (below), they learned something nobody else knew at the time- Lindberg was no longer the frontman of Lock Up! He tells the interviewer he left on good terms and the band is actually in a great situation to keep on going. He then goes on to reveal that the band has recruited Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp for the foreseeable future.

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Seems like Sharp is a good choice seeing as though Brutal Truth are basically done. This also isn't the first time Lock Up has changed vocalist, as Peter Tätgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, etc.) fronted the band from 1998 to 2002. We also haven't gotten a new Lock Up record since 2011… so maybe it's time with Sharp!

Here's the official statement from Lock Up about the switch:

It seems to be on the internet already so you may aswell hear it from us now a little earlier than we planned.

Unfortunately we have to announce the departure of our brother and long-time vocalist Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates / Disfear).For the record, there's absolutely no bad blood or drama involved and we wish Tompa nothing but the best in all his future endeavours.

As you all know, At The Gates have just released a brand new, killer album, and the subsequent touring schedule that will follow means Tompa simply won't have any free time to commit to Lock Up's imminent future plans of recording a new album or any live performances that will follow.

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Tompa states:
"I sadly had to part ways good ol' grindbuddies in Lock Up.This is all due to time/schedule/logistic issues. The new At The Gates record needs/deserves its time, and i don't want to leave my brothers from downtown hades hanging. In a dream world i could do both, but it would be egoistic of me to hang on to it – and constantly having to say no to stuff because i wasn't available. Luckily a mutual grind bear buddy, Mr. Kevin Sharp, was able to step in. He will be a perfect replacement. He has the heart, the passion and the voice. He has also been a friend of everybody in the band for as long as i can remember. I will miss the music, the brotherhood, the fans and the good times. But i think that this decision is for the best of the band, and that is what matters."

So please welcome our good friend and partner in grind, Mr. Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth into the ranks of the band as our new full time vocalist. Kevin made his debut live appearance with Lock Up at Manizales Grita Rock Festival in Colombia back in early October with only 10 days notice to learn 22 songs.

Kevin had this to add:
"Having already toured with Lock Up several times, its fells very natural jamming with them. When we played the gig in Colombia last month… If I wore shoes, I’m sure they would have been very comfortable.
Barker is an absolute pleasure to follow – hit’s like an asshole on fire. Anton’s tones and riffage are simply metallic and classic . And Shane and myself – well we've done Venomous Concept for over 10 years now – I know how the man is wired. I’m super stoked to see the variables put together… This is gonna be ridiculously heavy.

Nothing but but huge grind gratitude for Tompa and his work in the band… It’s pretty cool tearing apart his phrasing and lyrical style. Never too old to learn new things about what you can do with your voice and dissecting his approach is an honor. Uber grind salutations to his reboot of both Disfear and At The Gates. Two of my favorites. I look forward to crossing paths with them in the future…

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Let’s kill it…"

This is a very exciting and brand new chapter for the band as we prepare to enter the studio in the coming months to record our follow-up album to 'Necropolis Transparent', which came out on Nuclear Blast Records back in 2011. The band is currently busy in writing mode and currently seeking a new label home and hope for an early summer release of the as yet untitled new album.

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