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Founding DOOMRIDERS Bassist Quits, Band To Play Shows Again

Another rider has taken Riley's place.

Another rider has taken Riley's place.

Doomriders is due for being active once more, mainly because the group rules. It's been three years since its last record, Grand Blood, and while the band has announced that it'll start playing shows again, it has also announced that its bassist Jebb Riley has left the group to focus on family. In his place, Summoner bassist Christ Johnson will be joining the group!

According to the band, Johnson has small feet:

It's time to make a bittersweet announcement. Jebb is moving on. He's our brother and we love him with all our hearts and wish him the best. It's been an honor making noise with him for over a decade. He's always going to be a part of this family. We could never find someone to fill his shoes (literally! Size 16!!) but we'd like to proudly welcome Chris Johnson to the band even though he has tiny little baby feet. Some of you have seen him twisting knobs behind the soundboard at our shows or playing with his other band Summoner. Welcome to hell little man. Sorry in advance.

Jebb we love you brother.

Riley seems cool about the switch as well, considering the circumstances.

Congratulations to the guys in DOOMRIDERS who are playing shows again.

However, after 12+ years I'm no longer playing with them. I never made an official announcement, but the free Slayer show in April of last year was my last show. I left to focus my time and energy on being with my wife and 2 daughters, and tattooing full time in Portsmouth, NH. It was a hard decision to make, but ultimately a good one. I'm sure I'll play music again, but right now I'm happy tattooing and being a father. Good luck and thank you to my brothers with whom I was lucky enough to share a stage, van, and many years.

If you want to get in touch with me you can do that here

So now we wait for another Doomriders record. For now, let's jam the greatest song they ever wrote, "Black Thunder."

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