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DIMMU BORGIR officially announce new bassist; New Bassist Quits DIMMU BORGIR

DIMMU BORGIR officially announce new bassist; New Bassist Quits DIMMU BORGIR

Hilarious! A few weeks back we reported that bassist Snowy Shaw has left his current band Therion to join Dimmu Borgir. While their was no official statement, his former band mates posted a Myspace note that he was working with "another big band".

Well that "other big band" officially announced Snowy's participation, as Dimmu put out a statement of their own yesterday that Snowy was the new bassist and clean vocalist in the band with Snowy even expressing jubilation being quotes as saying "Yeehaw! I'm so happy and proud to be in the coolest band on the planet (since KISS [circa] 1976),".

My, how things can change in 24 hours…

While Snowy Shaw didn't release any official statement, Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson gave the following quote to Blabbermouth:

"We are very happy to announce that Snowy has rejoined THERION. We welcomed him back with open arms, and we will now be making a mix between the new show we had planned, and the last one which involved Snowy. We think the merger between the two concepts will be incredible, and we look forward to taking the band's live performance to the next level."

What could have happened in 24 hours that caused Dimmu and Shaw to split? Was Dimmu pissed about being compared to KISS?! Probably not ,because if you have ever seen their DVD, they genuinely love KISS. Who knows? But, this now means Dimmu is back in the market for a bassist. Any takers out there?

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